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Welcome to room 11!  I am a K-5 Reading Specialist and this is my classroom and home away from home.  Here is view from the door!  I am lucky enough to share this classroom with my incredible roommate and partner in crime!  Now let's work our way around the room.

This bookshelf/room divider was custom built by our Buildings and Grounds crew.  It holds an incredible amount of supplies and the shelving is on both sides.  

I use these Costco bins to hold student supplies.  I used to write out each students name, but since the names change I decided to just organize by starting time!  Numbers are made with vinyl on my Cricut.

This is my rarely used teacher desk, but it is one of my favorite features of the room because I see through to the other side!

Here is my reading table where all the magic happens!  My table is never this clean and when it is the students are in shock!  You may notice that it has no chairs.  That's because we have some flexible seating options for students (more to come on that later in this post).

The view from behind my table.  If kids aren't looking at me at least they are looking at inspirational road signs!

Our strategy wall right next to the reading table! These are the 3 main strategies that students use when they are stuck on a word.

Our Hokki stool parking lot is right behind the door.

These stools have been a real game changer for students.  They have really helped them stay focused and engaged.

The expectations for flexible seating,  hokki stools and bouncy bands are displayed on the wall. 

The bouncy bands are also very helpful and located along the counter.  

We went over the flexible seating expectations with students and introduced one seat a day.  They are responsible for grabbing the seat that helps them learn best when they arrive and putting it away when they leave!

Now let's look at a few things on the other side of the room!  

Some of our groups have been focusing on vowel sounds, word parts, prefixes and suffixes. These are some of the ways we keep track of what they have learned so far!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and check out my space!  Below you will find some links on where to find some of the resources that were featured in this post! 

Hokki Stool Parking Lot Sign: Sorry it's an original.  My son thought it would be a nice touch.
*side note: If you email the company and ask for a quote for your school they will give you a cheaper price than listed on the website!


  1. Wow I love how much storage you have!
    I need to post my classroom tour up on my blog shortly.
    We always seem to have really tiny rooms in Australia... but everyone can always use more storage right!?

  2. Thank you so much for your nice comment! We are so lucky to have this much storage! I came from a much smaller room so it is quite a treat!


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