The Book That Changed the Way I Teach Reading: Equipped for Reading Success

Do you want to know more about phonological awareness? Did you ever think you knew a lot about a topic only to find out you barely knew anything at all? That’s how I felt about phonological awareness until I read the book Equipped for Reading Success by Dr. David Kilpatrick. Here are some of my top takeaways!

Did you ever think you knew a lot about a topic only to find out you barely knew anything at all?  That’s how I felt about phonological awareness and then I heard Dr. Kilpatrick speak about his book Equipped for Reading Success. Here are some of my top takeaways from the book


I was introduced to this book about a year ago and it was truly life changing!  I had always known that phonological awareness was critical to reading success.  It was something that was weaved throughout the day in kindergarten and first grade and then it kind of disappeared.

After reading this book and hearing Dr. Kilpatrick speak I realized that it was critical to continue explicitly teaching phonological awareness in all grades!  Let that sink in for a moment...even 5th graders can benefit from it!  I work with struggling readers and almost all of them struggle with some aspect of phonological awareness regardless of their grade level.  It has been incredible to incorporate the strategies in this book and see the growth that students have made!

Equipped for Reading Success is broken down into 3 main parts.  Part 1: What Needs to be Done, Part 2: How to Do It and Part 3: Training Exercises.  Overall it is very reader friendly chapters that break down very academic information.

Assessments and Activities

Aside from the incredible knowledge in this book, there are resources that are ready to be used IMMEDIATELY!

There are 4 assessment that can be given as a baseline, and to track student progress.  The most unbelievable part of all is that the book contains over 800 one minutes activities that you can do with students.  These activities are how I start every...single...reading group all day long!

These activities start at the most basic level and work their way up to the most complex.  Kids think that it is a game and love when they can’t be tricked!  The book also provides ways that you can explicitly teach each level through a variety of ways - all of which are simple and easy.

In Action

Check out this video to see 4 quick examples of the many 1 minute activities that are included in Equipped For Reading Success!

Watch Dr. Kilpatrick speak at a Reading League Event


Purchase the Book

Click on either of the links below to buy your own copy of the book.  I’m not going to lie it’s a little pricey...but it is worth EVERY penny! 

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  1. Do you do the 1-min exercises as whole group practice?

  2. That is a great question! I do use them whole group. We typically do several of them together and then take turns going around the group individually. It is a nice way to check in to see who is really getting it and who is just repeating what other people say! We also may do a couple of turns with girls only, boys only, or using silly voices. When you do it everyday sometimes you need to spice it up =)


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